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Welcome to Princeton Community MS!

Welcome PCMS Tigers!! 

Anyone trying out or participating in a school sanctioned sport must have a physical completed and on file at the school. Physical packets can be obtained in the school office. Parents/guardians can stop by the office 7:30-3:45 or call to have one sent home with the student.

Screenshot 2020 03 25 DashboardCanvas tip: your teachers can send you messages via Canvas. For example, they can choose to message all students who haven't submitted an assignment to remind them about it. Make sure to check your Canvas Inbox periodically to see if you have any new messages. You can tell if there is a new message waiting for you if you see a little number by the Inbox logo, like the one in the picture.

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    • Central Office

      North Gibson School Corporation
      1104 N. Embree St.
      Princeton, IN 47670

      Tel: 812-385-4851
      Fax: 812-386-1531
      Dr. Eric Goggins, Supt.
      Noah Velthouse, Asst. Supt.

      High School

      Princeton Community HS
      1101 N. Main St.
      Princeton, IN 47670

      Tel: 812-385-2591
      Fax: 812-386-1535
      Amy Stough, Prin.
      Kayla Hayes, Asst. Prin.

      Middle School

      Princeton Community MS
      1106 N. Embree St.
      Princeton, IN 47670

      Tel: 812-385-2020
      Fax: 812-386-6746
      Zack Waggoner, Prin.
      Kaley Stafford, Asst. Prin.
    • Intermediate

      Princeton Community Intermediate
      1108 N. Embree St.
      Princeton, IN 47670

      Tel: 812-386-1221
      Fax: 812-386-1577
      Austin Chamberlain, Prin.
      Patrick Peyton, Asst. Prin.


      Princeton Community Primary
      813 W. Archer Rd.
      Princeton, IN  47670
      Tel: 812-386-1222
      Fax: 812-385-2593

      Bryce Abbey, Prin.
      Beau Fulk, Asst. Prin.

  • Location